What to bring to Pre-School?


This page is an aide memoir of what you need to remember to take for your child.

Maybe copy this and pop it on your fridge.

Clothing – In order to feel free to experiment with all kinds of materials, including messy ones, it is best to send your child dressed in clothes which are easily washable or not too new. Simple clothing which your child can handle themselves will enable them to go to the toilet when they want to, and to take off their outdoor clothes/shoes without being too dependent on other people’s help. please make sure your child’s name is in all clothing.

Indoor and outdoor shoes – Please make sure these are easy for your child to put on and take off. Crocs and flipflops although easy are not great for climbing in.

Wet weather – a pair of Wellington boots (CLEARLY NAMED), as we like to offer some outdoor play at all sessions.

Summer – please provide a sun hat and ensure sun cream is applied before sessions. We can top up the sun cream throughout the session either with your own or with ours depending on your preference .

Uniform – Pre-School logo sweatshirts, t-shirts, bags and baseball caps are available to purchase, but are entirely optional.

School Uniform Prices: Single Items T-Shirt £8.00      Jumper £10.00       Zip Hoodie £15      Caps £7.00      Drawstring Bags £7.00       Canvas Bag £10       Water Bottle £10

Drinks – All children are encouraged to drink milk or water during snack time and water is available at all times.

Fruit – Please bring a piece of fruit to each session, for sharing at snack time. If your child is in all day you will need to bring in two pieces of fruit.

Packed Lunch – If you are bringing a packed lunch with you please refer to our lunch guide. And we would love it if you could use re-usable bottles for their drinks.