Please note we are in the process of updating our policies to reflect the changes in the EYFS,

Payment Policy – Cholsey Pre-School operates a payment policy. Accounts must be settled within 15 days of receipt of invoice if your child’s place is to be secured. Cheques should be made payable to “Cholsey Pre-school” and put in the fees box just inside the Pre-School door. Please include the invoice slip with your cheque.

Please do not hesitate to contact the fees’ secretary if you have problems paying your invoice. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence. Each child’s attendance in the group is conditional upon continued payment of any necessary fees. In the case of prolonged absence from pre-school, parents should consult the committee about fee payment. The Pre-School requires one month’s notice in writing if a child no longer needs one or all its sessions, other than if starting school.

Complaint Procedure

CPS109 – Making a Complaint

Prevent Duty and British Values

CPS112 – Prevent Duty

British Values

Accident book
Due to regulations set out by social services and the Pre-School learning alliance, we are required to keep an “accident book”. If your child has an accident or is injured whilst at Pre-School, an entry will be made in this book and you will be asked to counter-sign it (NOTE: There is always at least one member of staff present who is trained in first aid).

Administering Medicine
Should your child require medication whilst at Pre-School please talk to the Manager. If your child requires regular medication such as an inhaler please make sure it comes in the box it was prescribed to you in by the G.P.

If your child is unwell, please keep him/her at home until they are able to join in all activities. If your child develops an infectious illness (chicken pox, measles etc.), please inform a member of staff so other parents can be informed. If your child has sickness/diarrhea they must be kept off for 48 hours from the time they were last poorly.

CPS308 – First Aid and Administering Medicines

CPS301 – Managing Allergies, Sickness and Infectious Diseases

We are duty bound to share information with third parties if we are concerned.  This may be without your consent if it is a matter of safeguarding a child or vulnerable adult.

CPS104 – Information Sharing

Non-Smoking zone
Please remember that the entire school grounds are a non-smoking area, this includes e-cigarettes.

Mobile Phones
We would like to request that you do not use your mobile phone on the school grounds and while visiting the classroom you will be asked to kept your phone in a secure place.

Safeguarding Policies

06 Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults policy July 21

06.01 Responding to safeguarding or child protection concerns July 21

06.02 Allegations against staff, volunteers or agency staff July 21

06.03 Visitor or intruder on the premises July 21

06.04 Uncollected child July 21

06.05 Missing child July 21

06.06 Incapacitated parent July 21

06.07 Death of a child on-site July 21

06.08 Looked after children July 21

06.09 E-safety July 21

06.10 Key person supervision July 21

01.06 Short trips, outings and excursions July 21

10.02 Complaints procedure for parents and service users July 21

06.03 Visitor or intruder on the premises July 21

CPS111 – Use of Information Technology, Mobile Phones and Cameras

CPS112 – Prevent Duty

CPS113 – Looked After Children


CPS206 – Health and Safety General

CPS207 – Managing and Reporting HSE

CPS208 – Emergency Evacuation and Closure

CPS209 – Staff Safety

Health and Hygiene

CPS301 – Managing Allergies, Sickness and Infectious Diseases (Excluding COVID-19)

CPS308 – First Aid and Administering Medicines

CPS309 – Food and Drink

CPS310 – Personal and General Hygiene

CPS311 – Animals in the setting

CPS313- Sun Safety

Sun_Safety_Policy (1)

Celebration Guidelines

Employment and Admissions

CPS402 – Parental Involvement

CPS404 – Induction

CPS405 – Admissions

CPS406 – Employment and Staffing

Equality of Opportunity

CPS501 – Valuing Diversity and Promoting Inclusion and Equality

CPS502 – Supporting Children with Special Education Needs

CPS503 – Promoting Positive Behaviour

Partnerships and Records

CPS601 – Key Person and Settling In

CPS602 – Working in Partnership with Other Agencies

CPS603 – Managing Children’s Records

CPS604 – Managing Provider Records


British Values

Privacy Policy

Employee Handbook

Visitor and Volunteeer Code of Conduct