During the Lockdown period and not being able to work how we normally would was difficult, we weren’t used to it, but it gave us the chance to reflect on our setting and ourselves.

Thinking about how the world is at the moment and the impact it could have on all of us was food for thought and we decided we wanted to change. We knew we wanted Pre-School to be a place of calm, a place where children and adults felt safe and secure, a place of fun learning and have the opportunity to slow down and work on our mental health.
Hygge came into our lives at the right time, but what is it? It is a Danish Word (pronounced hue-guh) and roughly translates to a Quality of Cosiness, it’s about slowing down and being in the present moment and feeling joy in things we do, whether that is being outside or snuggling with a book.
During Lockdown some of us took Kimberly Smiths course ‘Wanderlust Child Nature Study in the Early years’ and it opened our eyes to a new way of teaching and being, when we opened for our ‘Bubbles’ we tried some of our new learning out and noticed big changes in the children. So, we are now looking to expand this and introduce more of this into our setting.
We are looking to do this through
*How our setting looks and feels, bringing nature inside, creating a homely atmosphere and creating a calm setting.
*How our day runs, being present in the moment, not rushing
*How we teach, making the most of every opportunity, teaching equality , togetherness and

We already include Meditation and Yoga into our daily routines which has proved very popular with our children, they love their ‘Relaxation’ time.