Children’s Oral Health and Healthy Smiles Accreditation

We are a Healthy Smiles Accredited Pre-School.

As a Healthy Smiles Accredited Pre-School we ask that sweets are no longer brought in for Birthday Celebrations, instead if you want to bring something in we suggest a special fruit or something non-edible like a book for Pre-School or some plant seeds to grow.

Dental decay is a serious problem in young people and can be prevented.

In 2017 almost a quarter of 5 year old’s had tooth decay and tooth decay is the most common reason why 5 – 9 year old’s are admitted to hospital.

You should start taking your child to the Dentist as soon as their 1st tooth comes through, this will help them get used to going to the Dentist and used to good oral health care.

On this page you will find advice and information for your child, family and yourself. We have also added in other links for you to find out more information.

If you have any concerns about your childs oral health please do speak with your child’s Key Person.

NHS dental check-ups and treatment with the Dentist are Free for:

*Children are under the age of 18

*Pregnant mothers and until your baby’s first birthday

There are 3 Dentist’s in Wallingford which is the closest town to Cholsey, these are:

Wallingord House Dental is an NHS dentist, some of the private dentists offer free check ups for those under 5 (please speak to them directly).


A sucking habit after the age of 7 years can cause permanent change in the position of permanent (adult) teeth.

Dummies generally cause less problems than a thumb or finger as a dummy sucking habit can usually be discouraged before 6 years old.

Dummies should never be dipped in anything sweet (e.g honey)

Tooth decay and poor oral health in childhood can lead to:



*Time off school and work for parents/carers

*Altered sleep and eating patterns

*The need for teeth to be removed

*A commitment to long-term dentistry

*Low self-esteem and victim of bullying

Tooth Brushing

Children should brush their teeth twice a day, once a bedtime and another occasion for 2 mins each time. The Brush DJ app can help with brushing for the correct amount of time

Children should be encouraged to spit out the toothpaste and not rinse their mouth with water.

Adults should supervise Children with toothbrushing until at least the age of 7 years.

It is important tooth paste contains fluoride, as fluoride prevents tooth decay.

Children must be supervised so they don’t eat or lick the toothpaste from the tube and control the amount used.

Use a smear of toothpaste for Children aged 0 – 3 years with at least 1,000ppm fluoride.

Use a pea size amount of toothpaste with at least 1,000ppm fluoride for Children aged 3 – 6 years

For children over 7 and adults use a pea size amount of toothpaste 1,350ppm – 1,500ppm fluoride.




Smiles for life!

BSPD has lined up a great team to help make toothbrushing fun for families. Meet Dr Ranj, Hey Duggee, CBeebies and Brush DJ. Choose a video and be inspired to look after your teeth!

A toothbrush with a small size head and medium texture bristles make toothbrushing more effective.



Vitamin D



Diet can have a significant impact on tooth decay.

The following simple changes can have a significant impact:

*Reducing the number of times sugary foods and drink are consumed

*Limiting sugary food to main meals

*Drinking only plain milk and water, sugary drinks have no place in a child’s daily diet

*Only prescribing and administering sugar free medicine




Please also see our Healthy Eating page.

Here are some links to help you deliver good oral care to your child.  and



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