At Cholsey Pre-School we work with the children and their parents/carers to get them ready for School, we call this School Readiness.

Being School ready doesn’t mean being academically able, as most people think it does, it means much more.

Being School ready means the children:

  • have strong social skills
  • can cope emotionally with being separated from their parents
  • are relatively independent in their own personal care
  • have a curiosity about the world and a desire to learn.

At Pre-School we help them be School Ready in all we do, through the curriculum to everyday activities. We work alongside parents/carers offering information, advice , workshops and handy hints to help make the transition as smooth as possible for all.

Most of our children go onto the Foundation stage at Cholsey Primary School, which we are next door to and also share an outside area with. The Foundation teachers come into Pre-School to speak with the children and read stories which helps the children become familiarised with them before moving into Foundation. We also have lots of visits to the classroom so the children get to know the area and other members of staff who work in their.

If a child is moving to another setting we work with the parents/carers, children and the new setting to make sure the transition is a smooth as possible, teachers from that School may visit our setting and the child and vice versa.

To help you child with communication, language and literacy take a look here

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