To register your child with us at Cholsey Pre-School please download and fill in our Welcome and Registration form or collect one from the Pre-School.

Our Pre-School admissions policy is available for you to view in Pre-School and online here.

CPS405 – Admissions

At Cholsey Pre-School we aim to give Children a full year with us before they start at a Primary School.

Any child seeking a place at Cholsey Pre-School is eligible to register to start at two and a half years old depending upon available places.  Priority for sessions is given to children who, turn four years old within the academic year (September to September, FS2 year), live within the school’s catchment area and do not attend another Pre-School or Nursery. Therefore on registration your Child will be put on our registration list into School Year Cohorts.

If we have any remaining sessions these will be offered to the next School Years Cohort, which is ordered by date of birth.

All Children in the Cohort due to start in the September with us will be offered 15 hours with us and the term after your Child turns 3 they are entitled to 15 hours of Government funded sessions. (Some Children maybe eligible for 30 hours). To see if your child is eligible for 30 funded hours click here Fees and Costs

In exceptional circumstances (following advice from other agencies) places will be offered at the discretion of the staff and pre-school management committee.

We reserve the right to accelerate the admission of the children of Committee members in order to fulfil our legal obligations of parent participation, especially in the key roles of Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Health & Safety and Fundraising.  This is to be limited to those Committee members who are actively involved in the running, administration and policy making of the Pre-School.  Children will not be accelerated out of their Cohort and joining the Committee will not guarantee an accelerated place for any children of the person joining the Committee.

Our current policy is subject to review and change according to need and financial restraints.

Cohorts starts are as follows:

Birth date                                                       Pre-School                                                    Primary School

Sept 2017 – 31st Aug 2018                           Sept 2021                                                      Sept 2022

Sept 2018 – 31st Aug 2019                           Sept 2022                                                      Sept 2023

Sept 2019  – 31st Aug 2020                          Sept 2023                                                      Sept 2024

Sept 2020 – 31st Aug 2021                           Sept 2024                                                      Sept 2025

Sept 2021 – 31st Aug 2022                            Sept 2025                                                      Sept 2026

Welcome and Registration

Please note, registering at Cholsey Pre-School does not guarantee you a space at Cholsey Primary School.