To register your child with us at Cholsey Pre-School please download and fill in our form or collect one from the Pre-School. Registration Form 2024

Our Pre-School admissions policy is available for you to view in Pre-School and online here.

09.01 Registration list and admissions July 21

09.01 Waiting list and admissions July 21

At Cholsey Pre-School we aim to give Children in the relevant September Cohort, a full year with us before they start at a Primary School.

You may register your child with us at any time, once they are registered they will be put into their School  Years Cohort (see below) and we will contact you once we start the process of allocating sessions.

We are also able to offer some eligible 2 ½ year olds a funded place with us, according to there
being available spaces within the Pre-School.

  • Admissions system:
  • Every September we have our main intake – this intake is of three year olds who are due to start school the next academic year (the following September). We will take as many three year olds of this academic year as we have capacity for at this point of intake.
  • Any remaining spaces will then be offered (initially in September and then as and when they become available throughout the year) to the cohort below (ie 2 ½ year olds). These 2 ½  year olds will be offered a place according to the length of time that they have been on the waiting list.
  • The exceptions to this rule will be:
  1. a) If there is a funded 2 ½  year old on the waiting list/requiring a place – in this case the available        place for a 2 ½  year old will be offered to that funded child regardless of time on the waiting list.
  2. b) If there is a child on the waiting list whose parent has been an active member of the Pre-School Committee for a minimum of 2 academic terms
  • Children of any age (2 ½ or 3 years old) who are entitled to Early Years Pupil Premium funding (EYPP) will be offered places as they become available on a rolling basis across the academic year.

All sessions for children in any Cohort can only be offered if we have sessions available.

All Children in the Cohort due to start in the September with us will be offered 15 hours with us (Some Children maybe eligible for 30 hours). To see if your child is eligible for 30 funded hours click here Fees and Costs

Our current policy is subject to review and change according to need and financial restraints.

Cohorts starts are as follows:

Birth date                                                       Pre-School                                                    Primary School

Sept 2019  – 31st Aug 2020                          Sept 2023                                                      Sept 2024

Sept 2020 – 31st Aug 2021                           Sept 2024                                                      Sept 2025

Sept 2021 – 31st Aug 2022                            Sept 2025                                                      Sept 2026

Sept 2022 – 31st Aug 2023                            Sept 2026                                                      Sept 2027

Please note, registering at Cholsey Pre-School does not guarantee you a space at Cholsey Primary School.