Where is the entrance?

There are two gates you need to get through to get to us. The main gate is the little coloured gate which is nearest the nature reserve, it does have a sign on the fence saying Pre-School. This gate is locked at 9.00 am and if you are coming for an afternoon session it will be locked then, a member of staff will come and open it at 12.30.

The second gate is just up the path and also has a sign on it, this gate is opened in the morning at 8.40 am and locked at other times. At pick up at 3.30 pm a member of staff will come and open this gate.

We would ask that you shut the gates as you come through, this helps us with safeguarding.

There is a small gate from the Primary School’s playground into the Early Years shared playground, it is marked ‘Staff Only’ please do not use this gate.


Parking is very limited along Church Road please take this into consideration, and we ask you not to park in the School’s car park or on the Zig-Zag lines for the safety of all the School children, in the Lawrence Hall car park or in the Day Centre car park. There is extra parking at the church or in the car park at the park.

Snack time

Each group will have snack time during the session, to keep our costs down we ask you to bring in fruit or a suitable for each session, if your child is in all day please increase the amount of snack sent in. Snack should be put in a reusable bag or tub with your child’s name on. We have milk or water available at snack times and water is available at all times.


If your child is on any medication it must come in the box it was prescribed by the doctor. A member of staff will ask you to fill in a form and we will keep a check on expiry dates.

Any child who has asthma must have an inhaler left at Pre-School, without one your child will not be able to come for that session. We will check the medication is in date and inform you when it is near to expiry.


If your child is in all day they will be staying for lunch club, this an added £5.00 and will be invoiced to you at the beginning of term.

Please bring in a lunch box with an ice pack to keep the food cool. We also have a lunch guide which can help you find the right foods for your child’s development and also size and quantity.

Pre-School is NUT FREE, please remember nuts can be found in fruit bars and pesto which can be used with pasta. Any food containing nuts will be disposed of immediately.



Children are entitled to 15 hours government funding the term after their 3rd birthday, some children are entitled to 30 free hours. Oxfordshire county council send out funding forms at the beginning of each term. We will let you know when they are out and when we need to get them sent back by. When you do the first form we will need to see the child’s birth certificate or passport. If you are claiming your 15 hours at another setting you will be invoiced for the sessions at the beginning of term. We will ask you to fill in a form to say where you are claiming the sessions so we can issue the correct invoices at the beginning of term.


Early Years Pupil Premium

The early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) gives providers of early education and childcare extra funding to support eligible 3 and 4 year olds. The childcare provider can check to see if your child is eligible using your national insurance number and date of birth. The funding forms will have a section for you to fill in if you would like to see if you are legible.


You can take your child on holiday during term time, we just ask you let us know when so we know not to expect them in. If you are normally invoiced for sessions or lunch club this will still continue.

Need more sessions or feel your child is doing too much?

If you no longer want sessions with us or you would like to reduce them you must give us one terms written notice.

If you would like more sessions please ask Becky for a change of session form, sessions are subject to availability.


Communication is always work in progress, what suits some doesn’t suit everyone. We send out a regular Newsletter with what we have been doing in Pre-School and any information you may need to know. For those of you who do not have email the Newsletters are available online on our Website or paper copies can be put in your child’s tray.

The Children’s trays are just outside of Pre-School. Your child will have a tray, just look for their name. Information, pictures, party invitations and so on get put in these trays.

We have information available on our Website www.cholseypreschool.com and on our Facebook page, just search for Cholsey Pre-School.

Information also gets put on our notice board which is just outside of Pre-School. Please remember it is YOUR responsibility to read all the information given to you.


You do not have to purchase uniform but if you wish to you can purchase directly from https://www.mellersproductions.co.uk/ . Having uniform can save your child’s clothes from getting messy.

What do we need to bring in for each session?

Please remember to put your child’s name on everything.

Indoor shoes – we advise no novelty slippers due to health and safety reasons. Please make sure the shoes are easy for your child to put on and take off themselves.

Outdoor shoes – Please make sure all shoes are easy for your child to put on, we encourage independence and a way of doing is it to help your child change their own shoes.

Wellies – For wet play and wet weather

Change of clothes – In case of accidents or messy play. Please make sure you pack enough spare clothes for your child’s needs and that clothes are simple, so we can help the children gain independence by changing themselves.

Nappies and Compostable Wipes – If your child needs them

Fruit or Suitable Snack – See snack guide

Packed Lunch – See our Lunch Guide, please remember we are a ‘Nut Free’ environment and please no sweets or chocolate. Please also place an ice pack in your child’s lunch box.

Coat – Warm coat or rain coat, depending on the weather.

Clothing – Gloves and Hat for cold weather

In the summer as well as the above

Sun hat

 Sun Cream –  (Labelled with your child’s name). Please apply Sun Cream before coming to Pre-School, we will top up throughout the day with your Sun Cream.

We ask that children do not wear Jewellery to Pre-School.