This week

Week beginning 29/07/20

Speech and Language, we know speech and language is so important to Children’s development so we have designed a leaflet to help you with speech and language at home.

Speech and Language


Week beginning 30/03/2020

So this weeks Ready for School task is………Making sure they can wipe their bottoms
When you are helping your child to master this skill make sure you use child friendly language when you are talking them through it. Use encouraging language and praise, keep it fun and consistency is key.
For more help view
Please send us your WOW moments when your child has been able to do this.
Today we have attached a 5 day Hygge work book from Hygge in the Early Years, now as with the other one this is not compulsory, it is there for you if you wish to use it to help.
Hygge, put simply, is a Danish attitude to life that focuses on living in the moment and feeling the joy there is in everyday routines and activities.
We think during these strange times this could be very much welcomed.
Like ourselves at Pre-School it focuses on child led activities.