This week

Week beginning the 23/11/2020

This week we are looking at Sticks and Leaves as part of the Wanderlust A Nature Study Programme.

On your walk can you find different sticks? Have a look at the different sizes, shapes and have a think about what trees the sticks may come from.



Week beginning the 9/11/20

This week we have been looking at Spiders!

Here are some activities you can do at home to join in with Spider Week!

Basic Playdough Recipe

1 Cup Flour

1/2 Cup Salt

Enough water to bind together and add smells or colour at this point.

Can you make playdough spiders? What will you use for legs? What will you use for eyes?

How many legs do spiders have?

Can you make collections of 8? Can you explore the number 8?

On Friday we are also taking part in Children In Need, although with a difference! We will be joining in at home.


Week beginning 16/11/2020

Monday 16th November

Hedgehogs and Badgers

Road Safety Week

This week we are exploring these topics and are putting some things to do and stories on our Facebook page.

We also have a task for you this week, the task is…..

Can you put your socks on?

This week, practice putting your socks on!
We know this can be tricky and frustrating and you may say you can’t do it.
But, you can do it! ????
It just takes practice (and time and patience from our adults).

Let us know how you get on and if we need to celebrate with a WOW moment. ????

Road Safety Week

This week is also Road Safety Week.

Have a look and listen to this Road Safety Anthem.
Stop, Look, Listen, Think


Hedgehogs are ‘Nocturnal’ animals, this means they come out at night time and sleep in the day. If you see a Hedgehog out during the day it may need some help.
Can you name anything else that is Nocturnal?

Hedgehogs have over 5000 spines! That is a lot of spines, these are raised or lowered depending on the threat level. A Hedgehogs stomach is very vulnerable to it’s predators which is why it curls up in a ball.
Can you curl into a tight ball?

Tuesday 17th November

This week we are also looking at Badgers.
Do you know what a badger looks like and what colours they are? Can you do a picture thinking about what a Badger looks like?

Badgers are mammals, that means they are warm blooded.
Cats and dogs are also mammals.

Today’s road safety lesson is available on the link below

Wednesday 18th November

Please do look at our Facebook page for more activities.

Good Morning everyone , how are you today? How are you feeling? So yesterday was Tuesday, do you know what today is? It begins with a ‘W’……..That’s right, it’s Wednesday. We hope you are looking forward to today.

Let’s find out about Hedgehogs ????????

Hedgehogs use their snouts and ears more than their eyes to hunt because their eyesight isn’t very good (although they can see quite well at night).

Hedgehogs hunt for insects, slugs, worms, caterpillars and berries. They will use their snout (Nose) to sniff these out.

Hedgehogs can walk 2 miles every night, that is quite a distance for little legs. How far can you walk?

Today’s Road Safety lesson is be bright be seen, take a look at the link below.

Thursday 19th November

We have 2 Road Safety lessons for today, the first one is Safety First. The link for this lesson is here

This is all about how you can keep safe when you are on a bike or scooter, how to keep safe in the car and how to keep safe on a bus.

The second lesson is Road Rangers, in this lesson you will learn to find safe crossing spaces, how to keep yourself, the Stop, Look, Listen and Think sequence.

The link for this lesson is here

Friday 20th November

Our last 2 lessons for Road Safety Week are here today. Firstly we look at how to keep ourselves safe on the roads when we are away from home, please click on the link for this lesson

The second lesson is our last lesson and this is a recap on all we have learnt this week take a look on this link