Policies and Other Information

Policies and Other Information

Our policy statements are held in a file at the Pre-School and are available for parents to see at any time. We have put some policies on this page, others are available on other pages on this website.

Admissions Policy / Privacy Policy can all be found in the dropbox along with all the other policies.


Any child seeking a place at Cholsey Pre-school is eligible to register to start at two and a half years old dependent upon available places.

If there are more children than places available priority is given to children who, turn four years old within the academic year (September to September, FS2 year), live within the school’s catchment area and do not attend another preschool or nursery.

Our waiting list is ordered by date of birth within school year cohorts.

In exceptional circumstances (following advice from other agencies) places will be offered at the discretion of the staff and pre-school management committee.

We reserve the right to accelerate the admission of the children of Committee members in order to fulfil our legal obligations of parent participation, especially in the key roles of Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Health & Safety and Fundraising.  This is to be limited to those Committee members who are actively involved in the running, administration and policy making of the Pre-School.  Children will not be accelerated out of their cohort and joining the Committee will not guarantee an accelerated place for any children of the person joining the Committee.

The term after their 3rd birthday, we aim to offer 5 sessions.

 Our current policy is subject to review and change according to need and financial restraints.

Cohorts starts are as follows:

Birth date                                                       Pre-School                                                    Primary School

Sept 2013 – 31st Aug 2014                           Sept 2017                                                      Sept 2018

Sept 2014 – 31st Aug 2015                           Sept 2018                                                      Sept 2019

Sept 2015 – 31st Aug 2016                           Sept 2019                                                      Sept 2020

Sept 2016 – 31st Aug 2017                           Sept 2020                                                      Sept 2021

Sept 2017 – 31st Aug 2018                           Sept 2021                                                      Sept 2022

Sept 2018 – 31st Aug 2019                           Sept 2022                                                      Sept 2023

Sept 2019  - 31st Aug 2020                          Sept 2023                                                      Sept 2024

Sept 2020 – 31st Aug 2021                           Sept 2024                                                      Sept 2025

Click here to download our registration form.

Please note, registering at Cholsey Pre-School does not guarantee you a space at Cholsey Primary School.

Payment Policy – Cholsey Pre-School operates a payment policy. Accounts must be settled within 15 days of receipt of invoice if your child’s place is to be secured. Cheques should be made payable to “Cholsey Pre-school” and put in the fees box just inside the Pre-School door. Please include the invoice slip with your cheque.

Please do not hesitate to contact the fees’ secretary if you have problems paying your invoice. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence. Each child’s attendance in the group is conditional upon continued payment of any necessary fees. In the case of prolonged absence from pre-school, parents should consult the committee about fee payment. The pre-school requires one month’s notice in writing if a child no longer needs one or all its sessions, other than if starting school.

Safeguarding children- As an OFSTED registered day care provider we are legally required to report all cases of actual or suspected abuse of any child in our care. If you have any safeguarding concerns you can contact the LCSS on 0345 2412608.

Please read our safeguarding policy in the dropbox

Complaint Procedure - Dropbox link below.


Prevent Duty and British Values-Please read from the link above in the dropbox.

Accident book – due to regulations set out by social services and the Pre-School learning alliance, we are required to keep an “accident book”. If your child has an accident or is injured whilst at Pre-School, an entry will be made in this book and you will be asked to counter-sign it (NOTE: There is always at least one member of staff present who is trained in first aid).

Administering Medicine – Should your child require medication whilst at Pre-School please talk to the Manager. If your child requires regular medication such as an inhaler please make sure it comes in the box it was prescribed to you in by the G.P.

Illness – If your child is unwell, please keep him/her at home until they are able to join in all activities. If your child develops an infectious illness (chicken pox, measles etc.), please inform a member of staff so other parents can be informed. If your child has sickness/diarrhoea they must be kept off for 48 hours from the time they were last poorly.

Information – We are duty bound to share information with third parties if we are concerned.  This may be without your consent if it is a matter of safeguarding a child or vulnerable adult.  A full copy of this policy can be found in the policy file in Pre-School.

Non-Smoking zone– please remember that the entire school grounds are a non-smoking area, this includes e-cigarettes.

Mobile Phones- We would like to request that you do not use your mobile phone on the school grounds and while visiting the classroom you will be asked to kept your phone in a secure place.


This page is an aide memoir of what you need to remember to take for your child.

Cut out the bits at the end of the page and stick on the fridge!!!!

Clothing – In order to feel free to experiment with all kinds of materials, including messy ones, it is best to send your child dressed in clothes which are easily washable or not too new. Simple clothing which your child can handle themselves will enable them to go to the toilet when they want to, and to take off their outdoor clothes/shoes without being too dependent on other people’s help. please make sure your child’s name is in all clothing.

Indoor and outdoor shoes - Please make sure these are easy for your child to put on and take off. Crocs and flipflops although easy are not great for climbing in.

Nappies/wipes - If you child needs them.

Spare clothes - We can get wet or messy playing with the sand or water

Jewellery- in the interests of safety and hygiene, please do not allow your children to wear jewellery to Pre-School.

Wet weather – a pair of Wellington boots (CLEARLY NAMED), as we like to offer some outdoor play at all sessions.

Summer – please provide a sun hat and ensure sun cream is applied before sessions. We can top up the sun cream throughout the session either with your own or with ours depending on your preference .

Uniform – Pre-School logo sweatshirts, t-shirts, bags and baseball caps are available to purchase, but are entirely optional.

School Uniform Prices: Single Items T-Shirt £7.00 Jumper £10.00 Zippy Hoody £15 Caps £6.00 Bags £6.00 Canvas Bag £10

Drinks – All children are encouraged to drink milk or water during snack time and water is available at all times.

Fruit – Please bring a piece of fruit to each session, for sharing at snack time. If your child is in all day you will need to bring in two pieces of fruit.

New Starters

There is a non-returnable registration fee,which will secure your child’s place on our waiting list. Settling sessions are available for new starters, when parents are welcome to stay and help the settling in process.  We will offer you and your child a chance to come and meet the staff and have a look around the Pre-School classroom before your child’s start date.

Please read the policy in the above link.

Get involved – JOIN THE COMMITTEE or just help out

Cholsey Pre-School is run by an elected voluntary committee, which ensures that major decision making is in the hands of the parents who use the group. An AGM is held each year to elect members onto the committee. However, new members can join at any time. We need to make sure each year we have the correct ratio of parents with children attending the Pre-School in order to run. If we do not meet this there will be NO Pre-School.

 Chairperson:  Dan Mayer

We are always looking for new members to join the committee – you can take a front row or back-seat role in helping with organisation. Most people like to have some idea of how much time they would have to give up before they come forward – the Committee meets on average once a month, and most people take away one or two jobs from the meeting. Being a Committee member probably takes about 6-8 hours a month.

You do not have to be formally voted onto the committee to be able to help out with the organisation and planning of activities. The more people that help, the more Pre-School can do to raise money, organise events for the children etc…