Welcome Everyone

We are currently updating the website and how we get all the information out to you, keep your eyes peeled for all upcoming news.  Term dates, activities and events are being added to the Calendar as we speak so don’t forget to transfer them all to your calendars, diaries or piece of paper on the fridge!

Sadly we are closed, if you are a Key Worker please look here :


Good morning

As of the end of today Pre-School will be closed for the foreseeable future.
The situation changes regularly so we will be keeping in contact with you all to let you know of any changes.
We are working on some home learning ideas and packages which will be sent via email and also be available on our website on a weekly basis.
Some sheets will need printing, if any of you do not have a printer please let us know and we will see if we can help.
We also want to work with you to help get your child School Ready, we have already made massive steps regarding the transition between Pre-School and Foundation so please do not worry about this.
We have spoken to Mrs Potter regarding the Transition to School, although none of us at this current time know what the next few months will bring, we want you to know that we will be working together to ensure that this will be looked at and worked on for the benefit of your children and yourselves.
As well as this email we have set up two other emails for your child’s keyperson.
Any worries or queries to do with your child’s learning please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s keyperson as we are still here, although not face to face, we will still be working daily for you. ( 9am-3.30pm Monday to Friday)
If your child is with Faye in Green Group you can use
If your child is with Ruth in Red Group you can use
Please use the general Pre-School email for all other queries as myself and admin team are here for you every day.
On our website we will be adding lots of other information for you from recipe ideas, activities and helpful information.
These are unprecedented times and we are all learning how to negotiate this together, so please stick with us as we are trying to do our best for your children.
Please do remember that at this age learning should be fun, children of this age aren’t designed to sit for lengthy periods of time, so being told to sit at a table and learn will be counter productive. The Children are only with us for 15 hours a week, we recommend you don’t overdo their learning at is can be too much.
This is also a confusing time, routines have changed, some things that we have taken for granted aren’t available anymore. If your child has concerns please explain the situation simply, and with child friendly language. Children at this age don’t have the capacity to process the information the same as we do.
We are sorry we cannot bring you more information at this time, this is all we know, but when we are made aware of further changes you will all be the first to know.
Hopefully, if we all follow what we are asked to do we will be back sooner rather than later.
Please be reassured all your places will be safe on your return.
Take Care
Much love all the Pre-School Staff.





Tuesday 17th March


Coronavirus Response

Dear Parents/Carers

I’m sure most of you are aware of the changes the Government has put in place yesterday for the Coronavirus outbreak.

Once again, we just want to reassure you that we are following all the government guidelines, as well as introducing our own procedures.

The new guidelines are as follows:

If you or anyone else in your household has either a High Temperature or a New Continuous Cough then you should all stay home for 14 days.

We are also asking if your child is unwell due to other illnesses to keep them at home, we do need to make sure staff stay well during this time to enable Pre-School to remain open.

If you feel the need to take your child out of Pre-School we completely understand and respect your decision, your child’s sessions will remain open for when you wish them to return. We will however need to keep in contact with you, this is for safeguarding purposes, we will do this via email or telephone. Please let us know if you are taking your child out of Pre-School for the time being.

We are in the process of putting together home learning activities and packages for those keeping their children at home, it will be important to keep going with their learning so they are ready for School.

We will keep you informed of any changes via email, telephone, Facebook or our website.

Once again we wish to reassure you that we are doing all we can during this time and want to reduce the worries children may have.


Kind Regards

Becky and the Pre-School Team







Coronavirus Response 16th March

Dear Parents/Carers

We want to reassure and inform you all about the measures in place to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

To enable us to stay open we need to ALL make sure we follow the guidelines set by the government and also will be introducing new procedures of our own. We do not want the children to be worried/fearful during this time so all we do will be adapted to suit the children.
At this age children pick up a lot of illnesses and it is always important to be aware of how your child feels, we do ask that if your child is unwell they do not attend Pre-School because they will not be well enough to follow our busy routine and they may pass it onto other children or staff.

The recommendations for Coronavirus-(COVID19) are if you/your child has a fever please stay at home for 7 days; A temperature more than 37.5˚C is considered a fever.
If you have a dry persistent cough also stay at home for 7 days.

What we are doing

As we said above we are following all the guidelines set out by the government, these may change and we will let you know when they do.

At Pre-School we have always taught the importance of handwashing and disposing of tissues, this will be continued.
As from Monday during drop off and pick up times we will be asking all parents/carers to drop their child off at the door and wait outside for collection (please don’t be concerned as this is also good practice for all when they move onto Foundation).

Children will then be asked to wash their hands on entering and leaving Pre-School as well as the normal times such as after toileting, being outside, after certain play and snack/lunch time.
We know that this may take extra time, we will do our best to make this as easy as possible. If you need to speak with a member of staff please let us know and someone will be with you as soon as they can.

Our cleaning routine will be a vigorous as ever.

If we are told we need to close we will be setting out a list of activities for you to do at home so your child doesn’t fall behind on their learning. This will be done via email as it will be the only way we can get it to you. This will be explained more if/when the time comes.

I hope this all makes sense, any questions please do get in contact. I’m sure if we all work together and look out for each other we will make this worrying time less so.

Kind Regards
Becky and the Pre-School Team








Change 4 Life

Change for life have some really good exercise ideas on there website, check them out using the following link.