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Lottery Prizes – Tech Bundle – Buy your ticket before May 24th!
If you haven’t already registered for a lottery ticket, then please consider buying one as the funds really help support the pre-school. There is a guaranteed winner every week plus this month there is a bundle of tech up for grabs! All you need to do is visit this website, search for Cholsey. Tickets are £1 per week.

Meditation Session

Today’s group time we tried a meditation session for the children. We wanted to try and see if having some calm and relaxing time would help support the children with emotions and how they fell about things they come across on a day to day basis, with making positive choices.  Children can learn patience, kindness, acceptance, and generosity from meditation. Meditation strengthens children’s relationship with their inner selves, their mind/body connection, and development of their own personality—all of which make them better able to lead more positive lives and make positive choices for themselves. Well done everyone for joining in and concentrating and for having a go.


Obstacle course

The children had lots of fun making their own obstacle course, selecting resources independently. The used a timer to try and see if they could beat the time before it ran out. They used construction pieces to build and balance, stack and used a various collection of resources. The children were able to demonstrate their gross motor movements well. We had a range of skills and movements such as slithering on the ground to go underneath a plank, rolling through a net, crawling through a tunnel, running, jogging, walking, jumping in and out of hoops, tip toeing through a rope ladder. The children had to use their arms to pull themselves through objects. Many different ways of moving was demonstrated. Well done everyone. 20190507_130921 20190507_130953

May Day Celebrations

Every year we take part in the May Day Celebrations. We perform our May pole dancing to the community of Cholsey. The children have been busy practising at Pre-School for a couple of weeks, they were all so excited to take part. It was so lovely to see some of the previous years children and their older siblings that had also attended Cholsey Pre-School take part. Well done to all the children and staff for all their hard work. It was a fabulous event. IMG-0841 IMG-0842 IMG-0843 IMG-0845 IMG-0846 IMG-0847

Outside play

The importance of outside play is massive. Some of the children set up a water flow activity, they were interested in trying to watch water travel along some guttering. They had managed to use the resources themselves to angle the guttering to make the water flow. The children while supervised were accessing water from the tap and filling up a bucket to use down the guttering. The were trying to work out how to get the water from the bucket to the guttering. They found some cups and watering cans to transport the water from one to the other. The children were measuring the water level within the cups “how much can I put in my cup” “look mine water is up to here” “Wow mine is on number 5″ They were also estimating how many cups it would take to fill up the water can, “I think 3 cups, 1,2,3,4,5,6″


20190501_09582420190501_095842 20190501_095832

Healthy eating 

We are always looking at ways to support children we being healthy, we decided this week to look at healthy foods. For snack today we made are own healthy wraps for snack time. The children could choose what fillings were healthy and make their own snack using only the healthy options.

20190430_102649 20190430_102626 20190430_102631

Trip to the National History Museum

We had so much fun, finding out about the dinosaurs and bones. We were allowed to touch and feel some objects which was most exciting. We also had a coach ride all the way to Oxford. IMG-0711 IMG-0714 IMG-0715 IMG-0719 (1) IMG-0720 IMG-0721

Happy Easter

We hope you all have a lovely Easter and enjoying spending time together. Please send in any photos of your Easter fun. We can’t wait to see you for term 5.

Everyday maths

“Which one is the tallest?” He points out the tallest tower. One of our children trying to see how tall he could make the pegs get before they fell.


Lambing Trip

We had a lovely time at the Earth Trust lambing. We were able to meet the sheep and the lambs, see the pigs and piglets and some chicks that had just hatched. We did some brilliant listening and learnt about keeping safe. Lots of us milked a cow and mucked out the sheep pen. The sun was shining which meant we could also climb the hay bales, we jumped and pulled ourselves up using many skills. We had a massive learning experience, even travelling on the coach was amazing and some children had never experienced that before. Well done to all the children, they all behaved beautifully, you should all be proud of your little ones growing independence and confidence.

IMG_20190325_103909 IMG_20190325_103758 IMG_20190325_103839

Family Links

This week we have been reinforcing the rules and boundaries of Pre-School along with our British values, how do we expect to be treated, how do we treat others. How do we want other people to feel. This has been very interesting and the children have really been talking about how they like to feel and how their friends should treat them. We have observed the children reminding each other while in play, communicating by using their voices to express their feelings and sorting out their own disagreements. This has been a wow moment for some of the children. Being able to understand feelings of others and how they feel is so important, to be able to express this to a friend is incredible. ICT We have had lots of fun using the iPad to create pictures of ourselves, we had to select stickers to place on our faces to produce a picture. This was lots of fun, it did take a lot of skills using our fingers and co-ordination. We had to think hard what to do and what to press. We then printed our own pictures using the printer by ourselves. We were also taking photo’s and printing them. We used the ipads this week to find out information about volcanoes, what is a volcano? what’s inside? how does a volcano erupt? Bee-bot Bee-bot has been travelling around the Pre-School. We have worked out routes for him by going left, right, forward and backward.

 Portrait pictures by Mei

20190320_133253  Felicity.

20190320_133829 Becky

20190320_134954 Faye

Dawn Dawn

Auntie Val Auntie Val

Well done Mei, we love the portraits.

Holi Festival

We learnt about the festival of colour and produced art work with our hands and feet. We painted our feet and hands in paint and made colourful prints. We talked about winter ending and spring starting. We also learnt about positive friendship. We learnt who celebrates Holi and when and how it’s celebrated. We had lots of fun.


Today we all tried hard to practice our catching a throwing of large balls. We worked on our gross motor skills and our co-ordination skills. We had to watch the ball very carefully to see who’s turn it was to catch it. We also did some brilliant listening to instructions and focused our attention on music and what movements we had to make. We have all been trying hard to put our socks and shoes on and off by ourselves. When we first started doing P.E in September, we found this quite hard, now many of us are able to do this by ourselves. It shows with repetition and practice we can achieve anything.

Your school Lottery

your school lottery

We have launched a lottery for Pre-School to raise money. Tickets are £1 per ticket, per week and 40% of all tickets sales are donated to our Pre-School. There is a guaranteed cash prize to someone on our supporter list every week and a further chance to win £25,000 in a separate draw every week. Draws are every Saturday at 8pm and results are posted online. To start supporting, visit: Search for Cholsey Pre-School-Supporters must be 16 years of age and over.

Skittles Night

Please don’t forget our skittles night which is on the 29th of March. It’s for all the family to enjoy as social time while having fun. There will be a buffet and a chance to win a fantastic prize. If you are interested then please email the Pre-School. Tickets are £10 for an adult and £5 for a child. Watch out for the leaflet in your red pockets. Everyone is welcome.


Healthy Choices

We are encouraging and teaching the children about making healthy choices. We are looking at where food comes from and looking at choices we make. Supporting children with this at any early age will set foundations for their future. Being able to have healthy choices benefits them in many ways, it helps with; Concentration Physical development Learning outcomes Behaviour Cognitive Development Long term Future health. We started to send out recipes to support this with lunch and meal ideas, we also shared with everyone a leaflet for healthy lunch boxes and nutrition. If anyone would like anymore ideas or help with making health choices, please let me now.

Lunch box idea

Please don’t forget to look at our range of leaflets outside the Pre-School door.

World Book Day

We have loved celebrating world book day today. We have all dressed up and enjoyed a range of stories, and looked in depth at how books are structured. We have shared are favourite stories with our friends and learnt new stories. We also made up our own stories and role played them.

World book day

Mini Professors

This afternoon the children are investigating ‘Polymers’, different types of plastic. Professor Lucy helped the children to do a science experiment and really look at what plastic is and what happens to it in the environment. The children really enjoyed themselves and learnt some very interesting things, I am sure you will hear all about it at home.

Mini Professor polymer      mini p


Well done to everyone that took part in the class-a-thon and to everyone that donated money. We are very grateful for all the support. When we know the total of the amount raised we will let you know. Thank you everyone.

What are the benefits of doing puzzles?

Puzzles are an important educational learning tool for children as they provide many skills and mental learning benefits and opportunities,

  • Cognitive Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Hand and Eye Coordination
  • Social
  • Self Esteem

Puzzles help to  develop basic skills such as shape recognition, concentration, goal setting, patience and a sense of achievement, which will stand children in good stead for school. Puzzles help develop hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills because of the precise nature of matching each piece exactly.


Term 4

Welcome back everyone, We hope you all enjoyed the half term. We have another busy term coming up with lots of exciting experiences, lots of dates for your diaries. Look out for the dates in an email. Take care-Looking forwards to seeing you all this week.